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First I would like to introduce myself to YOU. I’m Shakti Cabral a Transformational guide and therapist of the Akashic records. I offer certified Akashic records training and Transformational healing courses globally.

akashic records courses trainings

My purpose is to share with people tools which you can apply to your life that transform, empower, enrich and help you to realise how utterly awesome you are. I want to show you how to love yourself and re-claim your freedom.
This is your birth rite and it is your sovereignty!
My aim is to re-connect you to your Soul purpose and divine power.
To simplify “To help you realise your full potential and become the most grounded, loving and unlimitedly the most authentic and best version of YOU!”

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Learn the art of Manifestation in 3 simple steps!

It’s easy when you know how so let me show you. All you need is your focus, and an idea of how you’d like to feel or what you’d like to create.
In addition I will teach you how to delete negativity, clear your energy (an essential part of healthy Manifestation), strengthen it and then magnify your highest and best intentions.
Come join me as we create your highest aspirations, you know you want to!

Come join us and start Manifesting now!


Please message us via the ‘contact’ tab if you wish to purchace a treatment package or book a session.
​Ride the waves of the shift from 3 & 4D shadow codes and frameworks to 5D and up. This opens the doors to fresh potential, freedom, enriched experiences, creation and manifestation.
Work with the multi-dimensional energies available to us now!

Transformation Guidance Journey

Transformation is an inside job. Get to the cause of what keeps repeating in your life, holds you back, keeps you down, depresses or blocks you and re-design it into something that supports your greatest and highest good from now on and into your future.

Akashic Guidance Journey

Experience the wonder of your personal Akashic records and discover that you can re-arrange your life, clear your past and bring your power and life-force back to you in an instant with ease, joy and grace!

I created ‘En-lighten Up’ for you as a solid foundation for the ​ Transformation Guidance System along with recorded Sonic Harmonic brainwave technology visualisations so that you have a clear, easy to use, solid foundation for your journey to empowerment.
This book is for you if you want to:
Create positive change in your life
Clear what’s blocking your abundance
Find inner love, peace and happiness.
Realise how much energy you ACTUALLY have!
Step into your power

‘En-lighten Up’ is the product of a lifetime’s experience and it’s only the beginning but if you practice and master all of the exercises in this book, I promise you that your life will improve immensely because the power of creation within your grasp. Oh – and I’ve helped thousands of people with these methods!
This is an experiential guide to inner personal freedom.


includes but is not limited to:

Hermetics – Thailand
​Living Library – US
​Chi Yoga School – London
College of Psychic studies – London
​Reiki Masters – London
NLP – PPD Learning – London
Qigong – London/Bali/Thailand
Twelve meridians and 5 elements – Regents College – London
Shamanic Tantric Arts – Thailand
Qigong – Daniel Le-Ox – Thailand
5 Elements Qigong – Peter Clifford – Thailand
Sacred Femininity Tantra – Bali
Magnet re-balancing therapy – Monaco

akashic records readings courses trainings
If you’re here and have made it this far, you are deeply invested in your spiritual development, healing and growth. At the same time, you may feel as if there’s important information missing from your life.

Are you ready to access the Living Library (also known as the Akashic records) to reach your full potential and transcend the confinement of most people’s third-dimensional perspective on life?

I am currently based in Koh Phangan, Thailand and can offer my healing Sessions either via Skype, Whatsapp or Messenger or in person!


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