Transformation & Akashic Journeys

​Short intensives that get to the point, empower and transform!

Transformational Guidance Journey

Get to the root cause of repeating patterns, blockages and emotional and mental wounds, then transform these to support you now and in your future. By doing this work, you will notice that once a lesson is learned, it stops showing up as something you want to interact with. In this package, you get to unplug and be the creator of your own masterpiece!


What do I get?

  • Transformation Guidance 1-2-1 sessions (6 hrs)
    Flexible, weekly sessions with me
  • Spiritual Coaching 1-2-1 sessions (2 hrs)                      Given during session time or separately as you wish.
  • Grounding and Protection Visualization                            A valuable visualization practice that I have used over 30 years. This 30 -minute practice can be used whenever you need it (I suggest daily)




How will I support you?

  • Simplify the truth that we are all Divine creators supporting you to realize your strength
  • Support you to digest what is going on in your life and coach you through this
    Educate you on how to apply Fundamental Universal, Cosmic and Natural law
  • Answer questions about spirituality, your path and your life
  • Listen and hold space for you. The choice is yours!

What will I take away?

Once you have completed this journey you will:

  • gain deeper innerstanding of yourself, your energy and how to use it in getting the results you want
  • know how to make healthy choices that free you up from repeating old patterns
  • feel empowered, lighter, and have increased awareness about yourself
  • feel happiness and a deeper sense of self love that you carry forward

Investment – £700

Akashic Guidance Journey

Experience the wonder of your personal Akashic records. Discover that you can re-arrange your life, clear your past and bring your power and life-force back with ease, joy and grace!

Work on and through all space, time, dimension from this infinite moment and discover the sheer wonders available that have been lying dormant until now.
The Akashic records exist in the higher mental dimensions as the realm of frequency and everything that you have been, are and can be is held in this space. When we work from this space, our lives change for the better.

There was a time when only the mystics could enter these realms, but now that the veils of illusion are so thin, many can enter with the correct guidance. This is not something to play with if you do not know what you are doing as the results are profound and empowering when you have the correct guidance. I provide a safe and nourishing space to do this work.

What do I get?

  • Akashic Guidance 1-2-1 sessions (6hrs)                       Flexible, weekly sessions with me
  • 4 x 1/2hr spiritual coaching sessions                              Given during session time or separately as you wish
  • Grounding Orb of light visualization                                   A powerful and easy to use visualization practice. This 30-minute practice can be used whenever you need it (I suggest daily)

How will I support you?

  • Provide space to explore the infinite space of your existence, re-arranging and creating healthy foundations, allowing the life of your highest aspirations to take form
  • Take an overview of your life and work from a much higher perspective
  • Support you to digest what is going on in your life and coach you through this
  • Free up stuck energy and release old patterns
  • Cleanse your DNA, clear old contracts, heart oaths, pledges and reclaim your power, life-force and Sovereignty



What will I take away?

  • Greater understanding of your Akashic records
  • Clearer view of the Akashic realms
  • Better Akashic navigation skills
  • Secured and safe Akashic realms, bringing a greater sense of protection to your mental health and wellbeing
  • A deeper innerstanding of yourself, your life, your energy and how to operate within these realms to get the best results that you are looking for.
  • A sense of knowing how to organize your life in the most supportive way
  • Freedom, liberation and Sovereignty

Magic happens when the mind and heart work together!

Who is this for?

This journey is for you if you:

  • Has some experience of meditation, self awareness and spirituality
  • Can visualise
  • Are serious about your path of transformation, empowerment, freedom and self-love (you will benefit from this immensely!)
  • Are ready to learn, take responsibility and action for yout life (you will thrive with making these choices)

Investment – £700

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