​I loved my session with Shakti, I found her upbeat, positive, and extremely insightful, what we went through in our session tied in completely about certain fears I had about my life. We went into my Library records and cleared all agreements and contracts and replaced them with new ones which will benefit my future self and not hold me back. I was also given more details about my soul heritage and where I originate from, which has also helped me feel more complete in the process. Shakti is doing very important work at this point in human history and I would highly recommend her work to help you on your journey of becoming the best version, thanks Shakti!

Tony S - UK

Thank you so much Shakti Cabral​ for such an amazing session. We had a transformative healing session over Skype dealing with old contracts & records that were out dated. Such a loving space is created for much healing and clearing to take place in a healthy environment.

N Smith - UK

​I had an Living Library session with Shakti Cabral a few hours ago. She was incredible! We went into my records and I got rid of all my unhealthy contracts, heart oaths, and karma. We replaced them with love, empowerment, friendship, kindness, abundance, and other incredible things. It was a life changing experience. She also connected me with the New Earth grid, it was a very powerful experience. I love you so much Shakti, you are amazing! If you are interested, I highly recommend a session with her.
Amy Bass - US

I highly recommend doing a Living Library session with Shakti. The session that I did with her helped me to see and clear up some old belief patterns that had been holding me back for a long time. I feel like I am now in much better alignment and have a much clearer picture of the direction that my life needs to flow.
Melody Hidalgo - US

I can only recommend this amazing woman. Shakti holds a profound ‘non-ego’ space that creates so much safely that you can go really really deep into your own being
Riihannon Wilde - Belgium

I savour my sessions with Shakti as she can hold a postitve and clear space for me to get in touch with parts of myself that I need support with to investigate. I feel empowered and heard by Shakti in her sessions and I enjoy gaining further insight into my spiritual realms, past, present, future. I feel more empowered to take control of my life, my thoughts and my decisions from this space.
Justine Anne - Bali

Shakti is a wonderful guide and confidant. Whether you know a little or a lot about the spiritual world, you are in great hands exploring energy, your Living Library, your soul, past, present and future, with her. She is a generous listener with the experience and wisdom to help you reach your next level of awareness and manifestation. I highly recommend her services.
Freedom - China


Shakti is an incredible healer whose knowledge, wisdom and intuitive gift for channelling has supported me in transforming energetic blockages and move through many layers of fear. I was referred to Shakti by a friend, and had also heard a lot of positive reviews from her other clients about her healing gifts and profound abilities to move energetic blockages and transform them to reveal their gifts and lessons. I attended two of Shakti’s workshops on “How to Heal Yourself” and because they were so powerful, I decided to book a private session with her. After just one session, I was able to quit smoking, an addiction that I had struggled with for many years. I was taking on an internal journey to see the roots of where and how this started, and how to free myself from this pattern and structure that I felt so locked within. During this session, I also saw that I had the courage and strength within me to begin my own journey into healing and feel more ready and able to untap my own potential as a healer. It has been a blessing to have met Shakti and cross paths with her at a moment in my life when I felt quite stuck about making decisions about my future. Shakti makes the client feel safe and nurtured, holding a dialog throughout the session and being a true guide and channel, thereby creating an environment where clients open up and allow energy to be moved at several levels – psychic, emotional, physical and mental. It’s been an honour to have met and worked with her. Thank you, Shakti!!
Deena - Thailand

Dear Shakti, about a year after I arrived back in the UK from Thailand after we met, I decided to put myself through counselling, it wasn’t easy but it was necessary. I ended up seeing my counsellor for about a year and worked through so many things. I can finally say I feel happy After seeing the effect you had on me after the healing you gave me and how beneficial I found seeing a therapist over here too, I’m now applying to start my master’s in psychology in September, I just hope I get onto the course as I know that is the path I want to take. To this day I still feel really lucky to have met you in Thailand, thinking back now I was in such a bad place mentally and you really helped me xXx
Timeeka - UK

“My first session with Shakti was a revelation. I had gone in not knowing quite what to expect, but the session went way beyond anything I could have imagined. Her work goes deep, and has made a tremendous change to my life. Shakti has helped me break up old emotional patterns, re-create balance, and clear stagnant energy from my body. With a lot of sensitivity and intuition, she has guided me through past experiences in order to resolve them. Every session is different, and I never know what will happen in the next one, but I fully trust Shakti to guide me through the layers that make up my ‘self’ and untangle some of its knots. She is a truly powerful and sensitive transformational guide!”
Virginie, 34 yrs - Belgium

“Shakti, I cannot thank you enough for the healing sessions I have undertaken with you. Our sessions guided me deep into the core issues that have been holding me back in my life and released them with such clarity and precision, and I am in no doubt as to your gift as a true healer, clear channel and intuitive guide. Although I came to you with a physical issue, the journey you led me through not only released this, but guided me into the deep core issues that have been stored in my physical and emotional body for years and released them. You have a profound ability to ‘see’ what needs to be cleared, and I thank you eternally for taking me through the healing process and allowing me to also see and understand what has been limiting my life, and holding me through it with gentleness, compassion and love. Since our sessions the physical issues have cleared and the emotional layers stored in the body have been released.
Thank you eternally. May you continue to help others as much as you have helped me”
Eli London - UK

Shakti offers a unique healing experience guided by your individiual needs. I had the pleasure of receiving a treatment at Amchara Detox Centre and immediately felt relaxed in her presence. I was touched by her level of intuition and ability to guide the session to help me reach a point of clarity and understanding in my life. I left feeling energized and fascinated by the process we had gone through. Thank you Shakti.
Anna M - Bristol

Shakti facilitated a healing for me on an issue that was holding me back. She skilfully held the space for me to explore my inner landscape and reach the learning and the healing I needed, and supported me to move through the process. I’m very happy to recommend Shaktis shamanic work.
Greta, Therapist - UK

I had my first transformational treatment with Shakti two years ago and it changed my life completely. I came to Koh Phangan to find answers regarding where to go in my life. Shakti and her healing treatment and kindness helped me to find the courage to go for what my heart and inner guidance told me. I just finished my Reiki level 2 with her and I am happy to have lots of new tools to keep on walking the path that is meant for me to go. Sometimes it doesn’t need much to change our lives, but someone who reminds us of who we truely are. Thank You Shakti for reminding me!! I will always come back!
Nicole Guetling - KPG


Del here, I just finish my session with Shakti and it was intense…..whooh! Like wow what was that?.. The feelings… the feelings hahaha I’m so happy right now. I tell you this, I started off as pretty low but then Shakti guided me throughout the session and it was a session of self-discovery, of adventure and of epicness. We released blockages that were holding me back in the realm we are in. Now I realise that a particular shadow is creeping in and if it was not for Shakti’s guidance we wouldn’t have identified it. The ‘deceptive negativity’ as I call it is no match to us both. It was awesome. It was intense. I am literally in a spiritual battle back there. Like wow. By the end of it all I am so high vibrational that I can actually feel immense, I’m not kidding, like so immense amount of energy, astonishing amount of power coursing through my body. This is the time I release the negative one, the rest of the blockages and uncovers my own power. I was glowing in white light. Like everything is vivid. I am now connected to the New Earth Grid too. Everything was bright. The feelings of positivity like flows through you. I am tingling all over. Highly recommended, oh much better if you get unplugged first by Abigail or Tony. I am really grateful about this session Shakti. Bless your heart and your kind soul. I thoroughly enjoy it. Whooh! Shout out to Abigail for laying the foundation. I know we will meet again. And Shout out to Shakti for this session that is full epicness, of victory, of power. I am worthy! I am worthy! I am worthy!
Del - Philippines

Shakti Cabral’s second session got me connected to the new Earth grid. She said my energy is versatile and naturally gravitated toward it. I got work done from Beings in the 17th Dimension. I feel like I’m dancing in the Air with the Sprites and the Fairies. I am coming into my own Power like never before. I’m flowing with everything. Fear has no power over me. I am the one I’ve been waiting for. The first session was necessarily painful and intense, but it passed. I kept trudging. ❤️
* When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
Rishi - U.S


I did a 12 day retreat on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan with Shakti where I chose to transformation fear! I was very scared of dogs but now I can say that I feel comfortable walking down the street without putting my friends or my self under a car because one dog sleeping on the side of the road. This is one big transformation as I have been scared all of my life. I was dealing with many issues in my life such as depression and negative thoughts when I met Shakti. She helped me with her knowledge, wisdom and a heart full of love, to transform these emotions by going to the core of the issue and transforming it. Shakti also taught me how to channel healing energy. I’ll never thank you enough. We worked on many personal transformations and by the time I left this retreat I had many valuable tools that I can use whenever I need them! Thank you again Shakti
Marie R B - Koh Tao

Shakti has a unique approach to caring for people and empowering them so that they can find their path through life. Her retreats are relaxing, thoughtful and cozy. They combine her extensive experience in yoga, Qigong, meditation and energy work with the needs of all participants, whatever their level may be. I enjoy the structure and flexibility – a great balance between knowing what to expect and what is going on and feeling like the retreat catered specifically for each of us.
SG - London

I came on the retreat feeling like a wreck and during my 5 days I had the most beautiful meditations, the best yoga and really good treatments. I tried the magnets which were amazing and picked up on a lot of things for me, which hopefully are now re-balanced and the Transformational healing was so powerful and deep. Shakti and Suzy put in so much time and effort for us and I feel like I am going home with so much more knowledge about my body and it has made me want to be so much kinder to myself with what I put in! Thanks!
C Wilkinson - London

Spending 5 days with Suzy and Shakti was an amazing experience. This retreat has put me back on track emotionally and physically and was spiritually truly inspiring. The atmosphere was great and I return home with so much good advice on how to keep balance in my life and feeling much happier. A very warm thank you to both of you!
Lea - France

The mix of science with holistic care is very compelling. Suzy’s blood analysis is fascinating and the results make the 5 day detox very worthwhile. By the end I was lighter, brighter and more relaxed. The results were so impressive, I wished the detox could have continued. Shakti and Suzy’s meditations and treatments were very gentle but powerful and it was lovely to have the opportunity to explore new ideas and methods. Shakti’s and Suzy’s warmth shone throughout and I felt very supported during the detox. The whole experience was very pleasurable. Thank you so much to you both!
Josephine Howard - London

Thank you so much for last weekend. Everything about it was wonderful and I’m still feeling good, even after a marathon first week back at work! It was a really lovely group of people and I really enjoyed working with everyone.

The effects have definitely lasted and I really want to try and maintain them. I think that one of the most important messages of the weekend for me was to listen to what your body needs, which I’m going to try to remember to do from now on. I’ve also managed to go a whole week without coffee, which I never normally manage to do in a working week. I’m definitely up for doing more, so keep me posted.

Lots of love and thanks again!

L Passmore - London

Wonderful! I felt like it was a great extension from the first retreat. Familiar enough to be comfortable, new content, I loved the additional music but different because of the venue which was a great experience for me! I think Shakti does a brilliant job of sequencing in a diverse range of integrating learning of relevant movement and exercises. More of everything!
S Gurke - London

As usual, any retreat with Shakti is a phenomenal experience with the occurrence of the awakening of so many different aspects of life that I leave feeling amazed, grateful, thankful and totally overwhelmed by the number of positive and loving possibilities to pursue. This retreat experience was particularly exceptional due to the amount of things from myself that were brought to my attention. I am now left with the welcome task of deciding the best way to proceed with my self-awareness discovery. Retreats with Shakti are always magical and a gift of love. Through Shakti’s energetic, enthusiastic, clear and expert guidance, my world view has been completely expanded over the course of just a few days.
If you do nothing else spiritual in your entire life, do not miss the opportunity to experience a personal odyssey on a retreat guided by the magnificent Shakti. I cannot wait for the next one!
With boundless gratitude, I thank you Lovely Shakti!
Kim - London

I booked into a weeks detox/retreat, unaware that a lady called Shakti worked there but lucky for me she did. She ran Yoga classes amongst many other things, one which I soon learnt was healing and also that I was there around Summer Solstice and the biggest full moon for many years perfect timing for healing she said so I book a session on the evening of that full moon.
A session that literally changed my life rescuing me from depths I had been in for too many years to remember, in just one hour she transformed my life to one of openness, laughter, light and opportunity.
She took me deep into the realms of the issues that had been controlling me for all those years and by utilising her gift as a healer not only rescued me from those depths but showed me the path for future growth, enjoyment, love and reward.
Shakti you are a remarkable and gifted lady and I can never thank the powers that brought us together enough, so a huge thank you to you and may we both continue on our designated paths with love and pleasure.
Thank you is to smaller a statement but I feel that I have been waiting for somebody to show me this path and now that you have I would be honoured if you could continue to support me as I travel along it.
Paul W - London

Shakti is a skilled healer, a committed explorer of healing modalities and has great love for people and for life itself. She created a safe place for me to be vulnerable and explore myself. I loved the shaking/dancing. Many blessings. I had an awesome time and loved working with her!
Nicola S - Reading

I learned so much about myself, the importance of time to reflect and ground. I will definitely return for another retreat to continue my journey of discovery!
CJ - Berkshire


Gratefully I did Transformational healing with Shakti. Her training gave me a complete different perspective on energy and connected me even deeper into healing energy. I like she combines it with QiGong and other energy work she is doing. You can tell she is aligned with what she is teaching and experienced it by herself, what makes it authentic and true. Her groups are small and very personal. She creates a very safe environment for sharing and surrendering. I can highly recommend Shakti’s healing courses and would come again myself. Thank You!
N Huetting - Thailand

In 2014 I completed my Transformational healing with Shakti Cabral and loved her style of open teaching and the extra knowledge she was able to share with us through her years of working as a healer, knowing I wanted to work with her to complete my level two I decided to wait till I was back in Koh Phangan, finally this week I completed my level Two and I am honoured to recommend that anyone who is thinking of doing your level 1 or 2 highly consider completing it with Shakti. Her classes not only cover all the basic and deeper questions around energy work but she also includes extra transformational healing techniques for you to use that work beautifully alongside healing treatments.
B Dinsdale - UK

‘The course was very relaxing, however you would feel things in your body that are indescribable. A sense of calmness and serenity washes over you! The course was perfect!’
Zalah P - London

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the yoga chi gong workshop you organised the other day. I thought it was brilliant. I love the combination of disiplines. Sorry I had to leave early, I had patients booked at the Happiness Centre. I have been feeling so refreshed ever since. You’re amazing!!
Vijay - London

“I found some of the movements (including the chanting and the shaking – not something that I would usually think to do) were what my body had been wanting/crying out for!”
Susan Gerke - UK

“The workshop was a really nice experience – at times relaxing, energising and thought provoking. I enjoyed meeting my inner Goddess!”
Lucy Passmore - London

Dear Shakti
‘Thank you so much for the workshop.
It was a beautiful experience and I will always remember it.
Since I have done it I feel powerful and tired at the same time.
I don’t know if that makes sense but I feel physically calm and tired but mentally strong and determined…
I felt a lot of joy at the end of the workshop and the will to get rid of the bad things and say yes to new experiences.
Thank you again and I will check your website.’
Clarissa V

“Wow! What an emotional experience. Feeling very ‘pure’ following the workshop and very relaxed and chilled. Enjoyed the physical feeling of being stretched out but completely relaxed in the process. The sense of release…..”
S T. London

Thanks Shakti for the amazing treatments – I feel they shifted something really big. Prior to the treatments, I had an x-ray of my brain with a shadow on it suggestive of some calcification in my brain. It needed to be examined further with MRI. During the 3 treatments I had with you, one of the sessions on my brain felt as though it was dragging something heavy from the front of my brain, back to the base of my head and then out! Afterwards when I had an MRI done with the neurologist to check for any calcifications, there was nothing there and my brain was in perfect condition. I don’t know if there was something there beforehand, but there certainly wasn’t anything left after the treatments! Symptom-wise, I feel like some big shifts happened in my perception and outlook. I’m much more positive and balanced, clear headed and don’t feel like consuming alcohol or doing things that are damaging to my being! Thanks for the wonderful treatments Shakti! I would recommend these to anybody! For powerful treatment, and also for re-balancing.
Rhoda Kingston - Ireland

“About 1,5 months ago I was suffering from a UTI (Urinal Trackt Infection) and just about to buy pharmaceutical medicine, since I was in heavy pain all night after going to the bathroom every hour. I had cramps in my bladder that where more than unpleasent. Than I met Shakti on exactly the same day and after she explained to me with patience and love about the TreatmentS that she was doing and how it could possibly heal me after only one or two sessions. I gave it a try and made an appointment with her the next day. During our session I felt very comfortable and from the beginning I felt I can trust her work and surrender completely to the treatment. During the healing meditation I fell into a trance-like state and had beautiful visions of a healing woman sitting in front of a downwards pointing triangle. After I fell asleep. When I woke up after 1 & !/2 hours, I was completely free of pain!! I continued to drink plenty of water and took Tumeric Supplements to support the healing and I`m cured! Shakti is a powerful healer woman, that I felt comfortable with from the beginning. You should give this treatment a try, its totally worth it! I am grateful to have met Shakti in exactly the right moment
Carolin Wegleiter - Austria

I’ve just had the most amazing treatment with Shakti.
I have gone to Shakti for many years for Transformational Healing and always had excellent results.
I felt so wonderful afterwards and completely cleared.
I can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Shakti!
C Wilkinson - London

Shakti is an extraordinarily gifted healer with many advanced energy healing gifts. She helps her students to learn to access energetic realms which take many people years to discover on their own. She is a wonderful teacher who intuitively passes on her knowledge through the combined use of many of her healing modalities. I highly recommend Shakti’s courses, as they involve Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, and experiential cleansing and transformational healing techniques. Shakti punctuates her courses with enticing and helpful information about the body and nutrition, water, healing experiences, and meditation and healing aids. Shakti gives so much more than what it says on the box. She is positively empowering.

Shakti Cabral helped to clear and rebalance my body with her therapy. The session was quite intense and I felt it really gave my body the boost it needed in order to transform and actively heal itself in certain troubled areas. I could feel the energy changing and shifting and it was very calming. I found the treatment so effective that I am now interested in studying as a healing therapies myself. Definitely worth trying.

Kim K - London


‘When I did the skype session with Shakti I had a lot of pain in my body and didn’t know what to do about it. After one session with Shakti I woke up the next morning to find that in one area we worked on the pain had gone and continued until it felt better over the next 3 days. I also did a spiritual journey with Shakti and I believe it helped open doors for me to move forward into my future plans. I have been more grounded and certain since this session and good things have happened for me’.
S.D - Bali

“I had live sessions with Shakti before, but never a Skype session. Before the session, I was a bit skeptical whether it would work as well as a live session. But as soon as we started, I felt her presence, and the session was just as powerful as any other session I’ve had with Shakti. I experienced deep healing and could clearly feel her healing energy.”
V.N - Bali

Shakti is a truly gifted healer. After working in the alternative health industry over the years I am used to experimenting with many different healing techniques and therapists and Shakti has stood out as a therapist with her accuracy of vision and her clear perception of the ‘root’ of the problem. Shakti provides a supportive and safe space and allows you to go deep inside yourself to evidently face, heal and clear what challenges you on any level. By having Shakti take you on this healing journey the things that you may uncover will be transformational, releasing and have the potential to be life changing in every way. Her professional manner, kind heart and soothing nature help to create an experience of self discovery you will never forget.
Kate Reardon - Australia


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