​”The sun translates the energy of Source into a language that every living thing understands, a language so old that we’ve forgotten we even know it”.

Plants use a process called photosynthesis to turn sunlight into green leaves. Animals and humans eat the plants. Some of us eat the animals. We are effectively eating the “prana” or light of Source, blended with the minerals of the earth. There is no force stronger than that of Source, which comes through our sun, the stars and planets.

When you focus your mind on the sun and pure light, you are consciously taking in a life force that is both the provider and creator of all things, including yourself. Why do the majority of us think that we are separate from “the light” and continue to seek it?

It’s because of the way that we are made. We see, hear and feel what is around us. We look outside of ourselves, we hear, see, smell and feel what is all around us so we externalize most things. The structure of the three dimensional reality which most of us live in, gives us the impression that everything is external. This external input is to be enjoyed as that, but if we become fixed in our thinking, we can get drawn into the illusion that the five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are all there is.

From this perspective, it’s almost automatic to think that “the light” is something that we may one day reach, touch, feel and meet. From a scientific perspective, light is both a wave and a particle. It travels at 670,616,629 miles per hour. Because of the way our eyes have evolved, we perceive only a limited range of light through them. This then becomes our reality. Animals, such as cats, have eyes that register a tremendous amount of light. Some, such as the loris, (a small fluffy creature with enormous round eyes, extremely cute but deadly if it bites you) only come out at night because daylight is blinding to them. Many insects, such as bees, see in a much broader spectrum of light, which includes ultra violet. The structure of their eyes means that they perceive an entirely different reality to ours. Many monotheistic religions (one God) recognized that this information or “light” is that of Source. When seeking “the light”, it helps if we recognize the sun as that.

Source never left us, it shines through the atoms at a sub-atomic level which make up our DNA and cells. It’s right here, day in, day out and also at night shining through all things that we would perceive as solid. Those who have developed the receptivity of their third eye may see this. Either way, to understand that Source and light never left us, means that we need not search any longer.

If you look at a section of the human body through an electron microscope, what you see would be a sea of tiny dots floating in what appears to be space. Light shines through this too. With this in mind, all we need do is take responsibility for ourselves, our attitudes and our creations. Sounds simple eh? Simple yes, but simple does not equate to quick and effortless. There is an element of wisdom involved here and wisdom comes with time and experience. We cannot force this but it helps if you can develop a healthy disciplined practice of some sort to support you along the

When you shine light through rippling water it gives the impression that the light is scattering somewhat as the water moves. Water too can therefore alter how we perceive light. This can be seen when sunlight shines through thousands of tiny water droplets in the clouds, forming a rainbow. The physical body consists of 75% water. When light, which is unseen by our physical eyes, shines into it, it breaks down in the same way and you get the individual colors of the

Chakra is sanskrit for “wheel”. They all hold different vibrations, the crown chakra being pure white. Fasting opens and strengthens the crown chakra where white light shines in and gets broken down through water in the body and seen as the other chakra colors. The same thing happens when you shine light through a prism. You get the colors of the

Light waves travel through our DNA so they also travel through our bodies. When you consider the concept of healing with this in mind, it seems only natural that light or Source energy travels easily through a healer to the receiver. If our thoughts are negative, they become like clouds passing over our head which give the illusion of shadow to our human eyes.

I refer to negative as denser and positive as lighter in frequency, depth and color. The very thinking or saying that you are disconnected will give you the feeling that you are. If you recognize that you are Source and therefor the creator of your own reality, you may have a good enough reason to take care of your thoughts and create what you want instead of what you don’t. The same applies if you set your intentions to connect to and respond from love. The only thing that may prevent it is a belief system that is not serving you, or that is out of date. There are no miracles here, just shifts of focus, something that we can all do. Your life will bring your attention to the areas where a shift is necessary by the way that you feel. A certain scenario may also keep showing up in your life.

To summarize, understanding the nature of unconditional love/light and how it provides for all that is asked is key in taking responsibility for yourself and this marries in nicely with what we become a vibrational match to. What we have already been a vibrational match to is also workable when we move into these understandings.

The nature of light is similar to that of love. They are in fact the same, but we just perceive them differently. Light can never leave us when it shines through every atom. How can it?! It’s just our thoughts and beliefs that may get in the way.